THUNDER is a warp-knitted, elastic polyamide fabric, coated with a diamond-shaped, abrasion resistant resin. It withstands over 180.000 cycles MARTINDALE, and has a very technical and sophisticated design.

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Fields of application

  • Water-repellent, printable, and three-dimensional fabrics. Laminates with membranes. Thermo-regulating waddings. Cross-linked foams. Non-woven fabrics.

  • Highly resistant, and three-dimensional fabrics. Thermo-adhesive treatments. ULTRADRY®, ALTA PORTANZA, TECHFOAM, carbon, fiberglass.

  • Fabrics laminated with foams. Thermo-adhesive treatments. ULTRADRY®, TECHFOAM, carbon, fiberglass.

Bags & Fashion Accessories
  • Water-repellent, printable, and three-dimensional fabrics. Nonwovens for reinforcement. Thermo-formable felts. Thermo-adhesive treatments. TECHFOAM. Carbon. Fiberglass.

Fashion Footwear
  • Three-dimensional fabrics. Attractively designed fabrics, in trendy colours. Printable fabrics. Microfiber.

Trekking Footwear
  • Highly resistant, water-repellent, antibacterial, and three-dimensional fabrics. Reinforcing felts. Cross-linked foams. TECHFOAM. ALTA PORTANZA. ULTRADRY®. Laminates with membranes.

Safety Footwear
  • Water-repellent, anti-bacterial, anti-static three-dimensional fabrics and high strength. Strengthening felts. Felt ESD. Reticulated foams. TECHFOAM. HIGH lift. ULTRADRY®. ARAMIDIC-NO-CUT.

Buggies/ Children’s accessories
  • BIOCERAMICA. BIOTEX. BAMBOO-X. Three-dimensional fabrics. Elastic anti-slip fabrics. Antibacterial, bacteriostatic, fungicide fabrics and treatments. Shock-absorber foams. Flame-retardant treatments.

Skiing/ Winter Sports/ Cycling/ Nordic Walking
  • Highly resistant fabrics. Antibacterial, bacteriostatic, fungicide fabrics and treatments. ULTRADRY®. Thermo-formable felts and foams. Thermo-regulating paddings.