Thermo-formable felt ECO ESD, certified according to OEKO-TEX®, has been achieved by incorporating steel fibres into a mix of polyester fibres, 40% of which are recycled. Deceptively simple, this combination offers substantial advantages. The use of polyester guarantees excellent thermo-formability. The use of recycled fibres obtained from plastic bottles will not only protect the environment, but also lowers the cost of the product. Above all, we can guarantee uniform and permanent conductive properties in compliance with UNI EN ISO 20344, as we have focused on the addition of steel fibres rather than on a rapidly deteriorating chemical treatment. We recommend the laminating with abrasion-resistant and/or antistatic fabrics.

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Fields of application

Bags & Fashion Accessories
  • Water-repellent, printable, and three-dimensional fabrics. Nonwovens for reinforcement. Thermo-formable felts. Thermo-adhesive treatments. TECHFOAM. Carbon. Fiberglass.

Trekking Footwear
  • Highly resistant, water-repellent, antibacterial, and three-dimensional fabrics. Reinforcing felts. Cross-linked foams. TECHFOAM. ALTA PORTANZA. ULTRADRY®. Laminates with membranes.

Safety Footwear
  • Water-repellent, anti-bacterial, anti-static three-dimensional fabrics and high strength. Strengthening felts. Felt ESD. Reticulated foams. TECHFOAM. HIGH lift. ULTRADRY®. ARAMIDIC-NO-CUT.

Military Tenders
  • For decades, we have been supplying products that comply with military specifications.

  • Carbon. Fiberglass. Thermo-formable laminates with polycarbonate. Aramid fibres