In the footwear industry, the huge range described in the section FELTS, is widely, and especially, used in the WATER-REPELLENT version. Due to our variety of thicknesses, basis weights and finishes we are able to offer the right product for each individual component, i.e. lining, insole, shoe collar, tongue and upper, and for each type of footwear, whether it is fashion, leisure, hiking, military, etc.

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Fields of application

Bags & Fashion Accessories
  • Water-repellent, printable, and three-dimensional fabrics. Nonwovens for reinforcement. Thermo-formable felts. Thermo-adhesive treatments. TECHFOAM. Carbon. Fiberglass.

Fashion Footwear
  • Three-dimensional fabrics. Attractively designed fabrics, in trendy colours. Printable fabrics. Microfiber.

Trekking Footwear
  • Highly resistant, water-repellent, antibacterial, and three-dimensional fabrics. Reinforcing felts. Cross-linked foams. TECHFOAM. ALTA PORTANZA. ULTRADRY®. Laminates with membranes.

Safety Footwear
  • Water-repellent, anti-bacterial, anti-static three-dimensional fabrics and high strength. Strengthening felts. Felt ESD. Reticulated foams. TECHFOAM. HIGH lift. ULTRADRY®. ARAMIDIC-NO-CUT.

Military Tenders
  • For decades, we have been supplying products that comply with military specifications.

  • Carbon. Fiberglass. Thermo-formable laminates with polycarbonate. Aramid fibres

Skiing/ Winter Sports/ Cycling/ Nordic Walking
  • Highly resistant fabrics. Antibacterial, bacteriostatic, fungicide fabrics and treatments. ULTRADRY®. Thermo-formable felts and foams. Thermo-regulating paddings.