Extreme protection for

a real usability!

An elastic product with high
mechanical resistance and lightness

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Stretchy
  • Lösungsmittelfrei
Dettaglio LIBA ® Smart

LIBA® is the innovative PU material, produced and registered by AB H Brunner (Sweden), created to develop a real usability in the protection of surfaces.

This is LIBA®. From today, Spac SpA Vegam Division is the official distributor of this extraordinary product for the Italian, French and Spanish markets.

LIBA® is a TPU-based material that surpasses rubber in the most common tests. A quality product that has already been chosen by some of the most prestigious European brands.
It is mainly used for safety footwear, trekking shoes, special gloves, bags, etc. but given its extreme versatility, lightness and flexibility, LIBA® is a product that can also be used in other different product sectors.

LIBA® works very well in all weather conditions, is resistant to UV rays, ozone and 100% recyclable. It is also customizable in screen printing and high frequency!