This is LIBA Smart

this innovative PU item made by AB H Brunner (Sweden) is aimed for applications where verstatily, elasticity, mechanical resistance and light weight are most needed.

SPAC Spa / Divisione VEGAM is the official distributor for Italy, France and Spain

The typical application on toecaps and bands in the footwear sector is just a small example of the possible uses of a versatile material like few others. It is also particularly suitable as a reinforcement for backpacks and suitcases, gloves, accessories and everything that needs resistance to abrasion and at the same time excellent softness to the touch. It copes well with all weather conditions; it is resistant to UV rays, ozone and is 100% recyclable. LIBA ® Smart is a TPU-based material manufactured by AB H Brunner (Sweden) that outperforms rubber in the most common tests. This extremely reliable material has recently been developed and perfected so that today it has become a high quality product, used by well-known brands throughout Europe. Thanks to its light weight and flexibility, LIBA ® Smart material has been a key component for many ISPO Award winning models over the years. It is the perfect material for all kinds of challenges!

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